Know your diamonds

Essential Buyer's Guide

Decide whether you are buying the jewellery item to enjoy wearing a handcrafted piece of art or whether you are hoping to have a small investment. Decide what style of jewellery best suits your personality.
At SASSEENS we are ever aware that we are creating items to suit the client, whether their preference be of a classic, modern or eccentric style. Making decisions when selecting a jewellery item is not difficult or complicated when you are guided by experts in the field.

More importantly the enjoyment you will receive from creating your jewellery will begin with the fun and excitement you experience when we create it together in our store.

Diamond and Gold Quality

When having a manufactured piece of jewellery made, clarify with your goldsmith whether they are using good quality gold, as all 9ct and 18ct gold is not necessarily of the same standard.
The diamonds used should all be of the perfect cut, as a badly cut diamond will dull the image of your new jewellery item.Handmade items always have a more defined finish than the blurred image of a machine made item.
Choose your manufacturer carefully as it is not necessarily true that manufacturers will always be more expensive than a chain store.

Diamond Colour Chart