Diamond Dealers Club

Standards are essential

The Diamond Club employs very strict guide lines in screening applicants for membership, ensuring that they are knowledgeable, ethical, financially secure and fully insured.

The Diamond Club has for many years been a leading and active member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, which:

  • Meets regularly to discuss the trade and its problems
  • Meets with International leaders, gem laboratories and the CSO in the interests of the trade prescribes rules of conduct internationally for members e.g. compulsory disclosure of treated diamonds; diamond stimulants and synthetic coloured gemstones circulates suspension and expulsion of dealers internationally. The Diamond Club monitors members conduct and provides arbitration and disciplinary proceedings which may be brought against members for breach of conduct or ethics thus safe guarding the honour and integrity of the industry

The Diamond Clubs members form a vast network for the supply of diamonds precious stones and jewellery of all possible varieties while the club keeps members informed of the latest developments in simulants, synthetics and treated stones The diamond clubs members receive practical legal advice and assistance from its secretariat The Diamond Club is the high court of "Mazal and Bracha"


What does this mean to you

It means you can benefit by dealing with a member of the Diamond Club of South Africa
  • Reliability
  • Ethical and Honest Conduct
  • Accountability in case of Grievances
  • Expertise
  • Prestige of members due to strict controls and criteria
  • Confidence (the Fifth "C")

Callie Sasseen

Callie is a pioneer of the jewellery association of SA, and was the longest serving chairman of all the provinces represented. It was the only time a father and son team had been represented as chairman and vice-chairman respectively. He is an expert on buying loose diamonds for investments as well as that special diamond engagement ring, and is always on hand to offer advice.


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