A Dream to Reality

A Warm Welcome

Our first priority is to welcome you and chat in a friendly environment in order to establish what your requirements are.

It is important to let you understand that your query and discussions comes with no obligation to make a decision or purchase at that moment.

We want to know your desire

If the item discussed is not available in our store at that moment, we will have the detailed design sketched while you wait or have the sketch ready for you when you return to our store.

It is important that at Sasseens, jewellery purchased from our store is about sentiment not price.

Creating your dream

With our workshop at our store and our master goldsmith ready to work, we are able to get to work immediately.

Important Note

It is important to note that items handmade are produced within 7 working days and repairs are ready within 3 working days, unless otherwise specified.

Take delivery of your dream piece

Once complete, we will invite you to collect your piece which we will hand over with pride built over four generations of family jewellery history.