Caroline and Michelle Sasseen are the last two members who continue the family legacy at their Umhlanga Centre store. The great business values set down by Callie through the years continues to be upheld at Sasseens today. They are dedicated and passionate about service, perfection, quality and integrity. “Attention to detail and establishing personal and enduring relationships with our clients is a hallmark of our business.

Highest quality and the best service due to over

120 Years of Experience

Khallil Ibrahim Sasseen, founder member, traded between Lebanon and South Africa from 1897. He’s first jewellery store in South Africa was situated on Paul Kruger Square in Pretoria.

Callie Toufic Sasseen, was the senior member of Sasseens Jewellers and was a member of The Diamond Club of South Africa for 48 years. Callie was an expert on buying loose diamonds and advised his clients on how best to purchase a diamond. He ensured that each client left his store with a highly crafted piece of jewellery designed for their individual taste. This high standard was achieved through meticulous attention being paid to the design, the crafting and the pricing of items manufactured. Repairs or remodelling of clients treasured pieces of jewellery had to be treated with the utmost care. This business ethic was mandatory and customary during all business dealings.

Alan Callie Sasseen has twice been an award winner of the prestigious South Africa Diamonds Today Completion. He was well known for his skilfully designed jewellery and has won the African Designer Award as a tribute to the craftsmanship of the Goldsmith and Designer. In 2013 Alan left Sasseens Jewellers in order to dedicate his time fully to International Trade.

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